Challenger Parents..... TWHS 2016 Camp Rebound & Challenger 2016 Photo Links ..

1st Set of Photos:  Camp Rebound

password   BBChallenger16

Here are the instructions to getting the original photo for reproduction 

The first page you come to will be a page of thumbnails. To start downloading photos you need to first click on one of the thumbnails. That will take you to a second page that has a slightly larger thumbnail of that one photo. There’ll be other things on this page including a set of buttons that you will see above the photo. One of those photos will have a downward facing arrow. Click on this button and you will be taken to a another page that has a larger version of your image on it. This is the original image in the largest size. It is the only version that will print correctly for you. To download the image you place your cursor on the image and right click. You will get a menu that includes an option to save image as… You can now save the image to your computer wherever you would like. You just repeat the process for each additional image.


 2nd set of photos :   Challenger 2016

password   ORWALL